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1 Million Pounds Worth Of Work

‘1 Million Pounds Worth of Work’



Just over 153,000 people are unemployed across Yorkshire and Humber Area. Government is try all it can to entice people back into employment, but with a skill set that matches the employee.

Very little training is given by employers, who really need a quick fix in their company environment and this just dilutes the situation for the unemployed, leaving the candidate feeling worthless and the sense of unemployable Specifications

Our campaign ‘Million Pounds Worth’ Of Work will bring together would-be employers with prospective employees, coupled with training, ultimately getting more people into work again for 2020

Our online portal will allow prospective employers to post job vacancies within their company, connecting them to the right candidates, matched perfectly to their requirements.

There is also a platform for any candidates seeking work
opportunities to post their short performance CV, so we can direct them to the right potential employer. We will also highlight those companies taking on apprentices.

Each time a person is taken on into employment, we take that annual wage from the totaliser, with a main aim of creating a million pounds worth of work!

More details soon…..