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Tang Hall SMART

Written by on November 13, 2017

‘Tang Hall SMART Community Interest Company’ is a Social Enterprise, based at the Burnholme Community Hub in Bad Bargain Lane. Our Social Aim is to address the issue of there not being enough for people to do in this area of York.   There are two main strands to how we meet this social aim:

  • Through providing as many reasonably priced clubs, activities and events as we can;
  • Through addressing the issue of unemployment in the area via our part-time Music Industry Training.  Our accredited courses, and work experience placements, enable people to develop their employability in the Music Industry in a supportive and friendly environment.  We seek in particular to benefit people who have been in some way disadvantaged, by e.g. homelessness, mental health difficulties, disability etc. 

We believe that the Tang Hall area of York has suffered disproportionately to other areas of York, through having essential services and facilities removed.  The closure of a secondary school, a primary school, an adult education facility and youth clubs– has left us as a community with insufficient meaningful things to do and places to meet others.  On a personal level this can lead to boredom, frustration and a sense of isolation – but there are also negative consequences for any society when individuals and groups are under-challenged, and alienated from others! When individuals do not regard themselves as part of a community, and opt out, this can lead to localities becoming fragmented.  The statistics for the Tang Hall area already give a picture of an area with more relative deprivation, higher unemployment, and more crime than is usual for York.  It is our aim to try and do something to replace some of the services that have been lost, and thus in a small way, contribute positively to people’s lives, and to the regeneration of the area that we love.  

As a Community Interest Company, we invest all profit, once core costs have been met, back into the enterprise in order to meet our social aims.   

The SMART philosophy is that life is richer for us and that we have more of a sense of purpose when we are involved in creative activities that strengthen our sense of affinity with others:  i.e. the more we ‘do’ the more we ‘are’. (For the philosophically minded, and with apologies to Descartes: “I think therefore I am; I do therefore I am MORE!”)

We are not affiliated to any religious or political organisation, or to any belief system.  Our only strongly held principle, and one we expect all participants to honour, is that respect for others and their dignity is crucial; we abhor prejudice and will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour – including language.

To get in touch and find out more:

Telephone enquiries 0772 599 7342

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