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Zigzag Media launches real-time ‘I’m Self-Isolating’ platform

Written by on March 20, 2020

As COVID-19 sweeps the nation an increasing number of households are now self-isolating.
In response to this, York-based digital agency Zigzag Media Ltd has recently, 19 th March,
released its live platform to help identify hotspot areas where people are
self-isolating and to highlight if they need assistance. The easy to navigate map takes just
seconds to populate, those highlighted in ‘Green’ are self-isolating, but do not need help
while those in ‘Red’ are self-isolating and need help.

By visiting users are asked to enter their details, including the number of
people in their household who are self-isolating, these details are then used to generate the
map in real-time which, as a result, displays how many people are isolating around them.
Users can also highlight if they need assistance to raise awareness among communities
where residents are struggling i.e they could be unable to leave the house.

Founder of Zigzag Media, Elliot Jones said: “ With the coronavirus dominating our day-to-day
lives we wanted to create a live platform to drive awareness of how many people are in
self-isolation across the nation. We hope this gives communities a wider understanding of
how the virus has impacted local areas.

In a bid to support those in need during the pandemic we have also added a donation option
with all monies raised to be donated charities supporting the vulnerable. We have seen
some great examples of people coming together in our local communities and hope to
replicate this on a bigger scale.”

Although daily figures are released by the government regarding confirmed cases and
deaths, this information doesn’t paint the full picture because testing currently involves
patients already in hospital or those who are admitted with symptoms. Therefore, the tool
helps identify the number of people across the nation that may have the virus or have been
in contact with someone infected, as well as recently travelled abroad to a known area of
concern. The data is strictly confidential and is purely used for statistical purposes as well as
community awareness.