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Please stay local and protect the NHS

Written by on May 17, 2020

Visiting North Yorkshire (VNY) have received reports from their members in the Dales and around Ryedale to say that huge numbers of people have descended on the areas. Hawes have reported a vast number of motor bikers gathering around nearby, and beauty spots in Ryedale have seen a huge number of visitors. As all facilities (including toilets) are closed this is causing a major issue and stress for the local residents.

Although lock down has been eased a little this should not be an excuse to travel big distances to go and exercise or meet up with a group of friends. The only way to beat this is by working together and ensuring we keep to social distancing rules. Chris from VNY said “We have been working hard to get the message out to stay local despite the lock down easement, as the areas of our beautiful County are not yet ready to receive visitors.”

“Once we have beaten the virus North Yorkshire will open its doors again to visitors and people can enjoy what it has to offer in a safe way that is not risking the lives of locals. For now though please do not visit the area and spoil what we have.”