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    Chris Chats to Ashley Young, Senior Marketing Manager of Make It York and Visit York YO1 Radio

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    Liz is talking to the ladies from Lollipop admin



This page is dedicated and updated frequently, for local York communities with help and information as we get through the Covid-19 Outbreak together. As most people have access to a radio and not the internet these days, YO1 Radio will become an essential lifeline to those in need and the vulnerable in our communities. Please spread the word to listen to 102.8FM, online, smart speaker or our free mobile app

You’ll find help-lines, businesses open and closed, contact information, national guidelines, support and community spirit

The latest Government guidelines on what you can and can’t do can be found here >>>> CLICK HERE

If you are a business and still open for whatever reason and you can help with deliveries or options to take away in a safe environment, then please email: or call 01904 53 00 43 and leave a message. We will post the information here and share it with a shout out on the radio for all to hear!

If you can help us update the page, please send any information you have to:

First and foremost, the health and safety of our communities is paramount, therefore we ask you to always check UK Government Guidelines and not take your health sources from anywhere else.

Treat Covid19 symptoms at home with guidelines from the NHS website here


As heard on YO1 Radio – Can you help with York Food Bank? CLICK HERE to find out more and to help donate, if you can spare anything, please CLICK HERE

Here is a help website for volunteers wishing to provide services, that are not part of any social media platforms, built and designed right here in York for use across the entire globe: CLICK HERE

While the children are off, here’s stacks of ideas from our very own Scouts, doing what they do best: CLICK HERE


Here are a selection of blogs, provided by Harrowells to guide you through these difficult times:

Although lockdown rules are easing very gradually, what are the rules concerning children whose parents are separated or divorced?

The lockdown has meant that many local businesses have had to change from traditional retail service to postal delivery; but what do the rules about so called ‘Distance Selling’ mean in practice?

Current circumstances mean local businesses are often having to make new arrangements with suppliers and customers at speed and on a more informal basis than normal; but are arrangements agreed by email legally binding?

Understandably, the current situation means that many people have been keen to ensure their affairs are in order; but given the various restrictions in place, how easy is it to make or change a will?


A link to Getaway Cars, who can help with pick-ups and deliveries of all kinds of things: CLICK HERE

A link to Fleetways Taxis, who can also help with pick-ups and deliveries of all kinds of things: CLICK HERE


Are you a food bank that needs help with food supplies? Or need to get the word out that you are ready and able to help? Do you need donations or need to get the food out to those in need the most? Get in touch

York Food Bank – The family of volunteers at this place are just amazing and are working tirelessly to help those in need and the vulnerable: CLICK HERE You can GET HELP or GIVE HELP


Banners Fisheries, New Earswick – Collection only, but under cover queuing – open Thursday 4pm -8pm, Friday 11am – 2pm & 4pm – 8pm, Saturday 4pm – 8pm

Mirchiz Indian Takeaway, Fishergate – Offering online ordering, contactless delivery and card payment facilities. Order online at or call 01904 637553. Pleaes note our new opening hours: 5pm to 10pm Wednesday to Sunday

Millers Fish and Chips, Haxby – Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4pm to 9pm. Deliveries only to Haxby and Wigginton area on 01904 769169 or online via

Black Horse, Wigginton – Offering car park collection and pre payment local contactless delivery Friday and Saturday night 5pm-9pm and Sunday Roasts 12pm-5pm

Janna Spice in Haxby is still open for takeaway only, you can call them on 01904 764700 to order your favourite food to take out

Sykes House Farm Anyone stuck at home desperate for food if, here’s a link to their app CLICK HERE . They supply restaurants with quality meat delivered to your door

All NHS Staff members working tirelessly will be provided a FREE BASIC FOOD PACKAGE by us at Jaipur Spice, Haxby Road. It will contains: Onion Bhajis, Chicken or Vegetable Biryan and Poppodoms – Visit

Latest statement from City of York Council about volunteering: CLICK HERE


Do you know of any websites or certain apps for parents to use with children to keep them occupied or help with family time? Best ways to bring the family together, without mass gatherings outside of the home? Prevent boredom

101 places people can virtually tour. These are world-famous places, both natural (such as the Great Barrier Reef) and created by humans (such as Versailles or Taj Mahal. The article has details on each one as well as information on how to do the tour: CLICK HERE

A great link to NASA: CLICK HERE

Authors reading books aloud to entertain your children: CLICK HERE

FREE virtual tours of museums: CLICK HERE


Suggestions for a friending service, perhaps with regular phone calls from local groups or people that can participate in to alleviate loneliness


  • Clean out your cupboards
  • FaceTime friends for a catch up
  • Challenge people to online games/apps Scrabble
  • Help the children with online lessons, additional tutoring
  • Teach children life skills: Cooking, cleaning, gardening
  • Do an online qualification
  • Use online exercise programs such as Yoga, Pilates
  • Dig out the jigsaws and board games
  • Get your old photos of your youth from your loft and show them to your family


We have useful information from Ian Dawson of Yorkshire Life Fiancial Services

With the country on lockdown, some people might have more free time than usual (though as someone working from home with children at home myself too, I realise this does not apply to everyone!). If so, this might be a good time to dig out those old pension and/or investment documents to have them reviewed by a specialist advisor.

We recommend that anyone looking for pension, investment or savings advice speak with our colleague Neil, a Chartered and Certified Independent Financial Planner who is excellent at what he does. If you would like to be put in touch with Neil, please let us know and we can make the introduction via the web link above

Life and critical illness insurance providers are tightening up significantly on the cover that they are offering due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This can make obtaining such cover much more difficult than usual, which could mean that there are even more people left without any life insurance in place at all.

We have access to providers who offer instant life insurance cover, as well as 24/7 access to a virtual GP, which in the current climate could be invaluable. Please get in touch with us for more info about these options, or about anything else insurance-related, and we will be very happy to discuss this with you. We can also arrange to carry out a full insurance review for you to check that your existing cover is appropriate and good value. If not, we can possibly look at replacing it with better and/or cheaper alternatives.

Bank of England Base Rate changes and secondly how to get help from lenders re. the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bank of England Base Rate Changes:

This was recently cut from 0.75% down to 0.25% and has now been further reduced down to 0.1%, which is the lowest level in the entire history of the Bank of England.

This means that anyone on a tracker rate mortgage linked to the Bank of England base rate will benefit from a lower payment.

Lenders of course don’t reduce existing fixed rates and are under no obligation to reduce new or future ones either. It is impossible to predict if they will or not. If they do, it won’t necessarily be straight away. Mortgage rates, unless they are specific tracker rates, are not directly linked to the Bank of England base rate.

Lenders do generally reduce variable rates in line with these changes, though again this isn’t a given and they are under no obligation to do so.

Help from lenders re. Covid-19:

Please note that this is largely our own internally produced guide and although we have tried to be as accurate and up to date as possible, we can’t promise that we have got everything right and things are constantly changing too. We are just trying to be as helpful as possible here – this guide has taken a long time to compile, please be understanding with us if something isn’t correct (incorrect number etc.)! There are some smaller, more niche lenders not listed here, though feel free to get in touch if you’d like some steer on the process with them if you have a mortgage with them.

Please feel free to forward this on to concerned friends, work colleagues and family members as it’ll hopefully be of use to them too. We can’t help with applications to lenders for payment holidays etc. and we can’t give specific advice on these things (as we don’t know exactly what it being offered and we can’t be liable for their advice and procedures).

For Accord, Santander & The Mortgage Works, I have also attached some more useful info.

The main lender updates and useful weblinks where possible are listed below in alphabetical order.

Accord Mortgages:

We can offer a variety of solutions to customers who are worried about meeting their mortgage repayments, including payment holidays. We do need to make sure that solution we offer is right for the individual customer’s circumstances, so if you are having difficulties, please contact us on 0800 138 2403.

Useful weblink:

Accord are part of Yorkshire BS


The lender is currently formulating their criteria and policy. Please check back over the coming days for the details as they are released.

Bank of Ireland:

Bank of Ireland UK are following UK Finance guidelines and will be offering payment breaks up to 3 months to those that need it. We’ll provide this option to your customers that have residential and Buy to Let Mortgages. The payment breaks offered by the Bank will not affect customers’ credit files at the Credit Reference Agencies. Existing mortgage customers can contact Bank of Ireland on: 0345 300 8000

Useful weblink:


As a responsible lender, it is crucial that we offer the right support to our customers at this time. We have therefore decided to offer customers who are potentially facing financial difficulty, a number of options to support them through this time. These include Repayment holidays for up to 90 days. We encourage customers to get in contact with us at the earliest opportunity to discuss the most suitable solution. Existing mortgage customer should contact Barclays on: 0800 022 4022

Useful weblink:

BM Solutions:

The lender is currently formulating their criteria and policy. Please check back over the coming days for the details as they are released.

For now please call 0345 300 2627 – Option 5 then Option 2 then Option 1

Coventry & Godiva:

Customers who are up to date with their mortgage payments and not currently in financial difficulty can request a 3 month payment holiday if they need help as a result of COVID 19. Customers will self-certify, disclosing that they are impacted by Coronavirus, we will not be asking for any further validation of this. Providing a payment holiday will not attract arrears or adverse Credit data. Once the payment holiday is over, we will look at options to recalculate deferred payments but will contact the client about this. These deferred payments mean that interest will not be collected on their balance (which is not reducing either). Once recalculated, their payment will increase as the balance + interest on the balance not collected during the holiday will be rescheduled over a slightly shorter term. This applies to Residential and Buy to let lending. Contact number for clients affected – 0800 121 8899

Useful weblink:


The lender is currently formulating their criteria and policy. Please check back over the coming days for the details as they are released.

Useful weblink:


Customers should contact us directly if they are worried about their circumstances. Existing mortgage customers should contact HSBC on: 03457 404 40411

Useful weblink:

Leeds BS:

We have a number of options that can help anyone experiencing financial difficulties and will work with borrowers to agree a solution that meets their circumstances. We assess each case individually and you can find more information and contact numbers in the ‘Repayment difficulties’ guide our website: Existing mortgage customers can contact Leeds Building Society on: 0345 050 5075

Useful weblink:

Mortgage Trust/Paragon:

Useful weblink:


We continue to support members affected by coronavirus on a case-by-case basis and that includes offering payments holidays where needed. These will not be registered as arrears on the credit file. To apply for the payment holiday, customers can call 08004643030 and 0800302011 or apply online at

Useful weblink:


Customers can get information or webchat with us via, or, depending on the brand their mortgage is with. They can also get the right contact details if they wish to discuss their circumstances. Our Specialist team will assess the customer’s circumstances and if they can’t pay their mortgage due to the impacts of coronavirus, they will be eligible for a mortgage holiday. Those assessments will take place when the customer contacts us. Customers will not be considered to be in arrears during the period of an agreed mortgage payment holiday if they were up to date when the repayment holiday was entered into, and there will be no impact on their credit file. However customers credit score may be negatively affected if they miss a payment and haven’t already applied for a mortgage holiday. Where a customer is already in arrears when they approach us for additional help, we will look at what further assistance we can offer. The payment holiday period can last for up to 3 months and no further evidence will be requested following the discussion with our dedicated team. Payments to both capital and interest are suspended during the agreed period and interest will continue to accrue during the holiday period. Payments are recalculated at the end of the holiday period to repay the new balance over the remaining term. There is currently no facility for an Interest Only Switch process for customers on Capital and Interest mortgage contracts Following the Government announcement on the 18th March regarding landlord payment holidays we are currently reviewing our processes and will update you further once these details have been finalised.

“Regarding payment break or problems with Mortgages with us at NatWest arriving from the Corona Virus. Your clients need to go directly through to Mortgage Centre for them to individually assess the situation.

The telephone number is 0345 3020190.”

Useful weblink:


The Bank already have policies which are aimed at supporting customers who find themselves in financial difficulty, regardless of the reason. These policies apply to customers who are self-employed as well as those on PAYE. We will be applying these policies on an individual basis to ensure the best outcome for customers throughout this difficult period. The process we apply for a deferred payment (payment holiday) does not adversely impact upon the customers’ credit status and no credit reference agency reporting is generated as a result of having an arranged payment holiday.

Useful weblink:

Post Office Money:

Post Office Money are following UK Finance guidelines and will be offering mortgage payment breaks p to 3 months to those that need it. We’ll provide this option to your customers that have residential and Buy to Let Mortgages. The payment breaks offered will not affect customers’ credit files at the Credit Reference Agencies.

Useful weblink:

Post Office is part of Bank of Ireland BTW


Precise Mortgages has agreed to support customers who are facing difficulties as a direct result of Covid-19. Customers will need to contact Precise Mortgages to discuss on what basis they are experiencing difficulties. Precise Mortgages will then be able to explain the process and impact of any potential payment holiday, agreeing the right course of action to ensure we are working closely with our customers.

“If any applicants are struggling with payments we will ask them to follow our normal process and get in touch with our collections team on 0800 7818558, they will be happy to assist.”

Principlaity BS:

We appreciate you might be concerned about the impact of coronavirus and want to reassure you that we’re here to help with any worries you might have about your savings and mortgages with us. We want to be as flexible as we can be in helping our Members and colleagues through these challenging times. Principality Building Society will consider up to a 3 month payment holiday should they be unable to make their next mortgage payment. Our priority remains the wellbeing of our Members and colleagues but in order for us to ensure we’re able to help our most vulnerable Members, please only call us if you require immediate assistance with your mortgage. Customers should contact – Existing mortgage customers can contact Principality on: 0330 333 4000

Useful weblink:


We’ve launched a new online form on to allow existing residential and Buy to Let customers who are impacted by coronavirus to apply for a mortgage payment holiday. This is the quickest and easiest way for a customer to apply and is currently available to customers who are not in arrears and pay by Direct Debit. Please encourage clients to apply online wherever possible –

Other useful weblinks:

Scottish Widows:Customers should contact us directly if they are worried about their circumstances. Existing mortgage customers can contact Scottish Widows on: 0345 845 8555

Skipton BS:

If your clients with a Skipton residential mortgage are concerned about making repayments as a result of the current Coronavirus situation, we’re here to support them. We’re currently experiencing a high number of calls, which might be making it difficult for your clients to get in touch, so we’ve set up a dedicated email for customers to contact us and request a call back. Within the email please ensure your client provides their mortgage account number and the best number for us to contact them on. This means they won’t have to wait in a queue. Once a call back has been requested, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to discuss their individual circumstances, which will include the option of providing a mortgage payment holiday of up to three-months for any residential or BTL mortgages. In the meantime, we are asking our mortgage customers to leave their Direct Debit in place if they have sufficient funds to cover their regular monthly payment. They can also make a payment by bank transfer using our bank details, which you can find on our Ways to pay your mortgage page. First and foremost, we’re here to support you and your clients, but please remember our people are also affected by the current situation, so we thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Useful weblink:

The Mortgage Works:

Useful weblink:


If you are able to maintain your mortgage payments, you should continue to do so. However, if you have been financially impacted by COVID19 and this is impacting your ability to meet your monthly mortgage payment, then you are able to request a payment holiday up to a maximum of 3 months as long as you are currently up to date with your mortgage repayments without any impact on your credit file. If you are currently in arrears, please contact our financial difficulty team on 0345 835 3374 (open 8am – 7.30pm weekdays and 8am – 12.30pm Saturday), who will be able to support you with alternative treatments. If you choose to take a payment holiday you will need to be aware that the interest usually charged within your monthly payments will be added to the balance of the mortgage. Your account will be re-calculated at the end of the instalment break and written confirmation will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before your payments are due to restart. The payment will be calculated at that time using your higher balance and spread throughout the remaining term. Switching to a new mortgage deal is not permitted during a payment holiday.

Useful weblink:


We recognise these are worrying times for many people and we are committed to supporting our customers as much as we possibly can. Belmont Green has a well-established forbearance policy in place to assist vulnerable customers. We will use this policy to support customers affected by the epidemic to ensure a fair customer outcome in each case. We will consider each case on its individual merits to ensure we get the best tailored outcome for each customer. We will carry out a full assessment before considering the appropriate measures needed. We can reassure our customers we will be doing all we can to ensure we achieve a fair outcome for them, based on their own individual situation. Existing mortgage customers can contact Vida on: 0344 892 0155

Virgin Money:

Information about how to request a payment holiday can be found at If customers are experiencing any financial difficulties or are worried about their circumstances they should contact us directly to discuss the available options.

Useful weblink: