Keith Urban says he\'s found a balance between his touring commitments and home life

The singer is set to tour the UK next year

Keith Urban says he has achieved a “good balance” between his home life and touring commitments after years spent on the road.

The Grammy-winning country music star, who lives in the US with his wife Nicole Kidman, is returning to the UK next year for a string of tour dates.

He suggested his family may join him and make a holiday out of the trip.

Asked whether his family joins him on the road, Urban says “It’s actually a mix of everything. I am fortunate here in the US where I can tour in short bursts – do a handful of shows, come home, do a handful of shows, come home.

“And then if we are doing a stretch like the UK we might relocate over there for several weeks, make a bit of vacay out of it at the same time.

“It’s been this way since the beginning so I am so used to it now. It is a good balance, let’s put it that way.

“I love being on the road but of course it’s really nice to have a home that you want to go home to as well. I think anybody could relate to that. I have had the opposite.”

Published: by Radio NewsHub