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Join Brett every Saturday for Dance Floor Fillers, 9pm – 12am. Brett shares his passion for music, taking you through the biggest party hits of the past decades. Your Saturday night just got better!  Brett Butler’s Quick Questions  Any hobbies?   My daughter Harper tends to keep me fairly busy and therefore don’t’ have time for […]

Your lazy Sunday is sorted with Amanda! Join her every Sunday, 1pm – 4pm on YO1 Radio. Playing the biggest hits from the 80s to now, guaranteed to keep away the Sunday blues!  Amanda Charlesworth’s Quick Questions!  Any hobbies? Writing children’s stories, eating cake and singing loudly What inspires you? People who have battled the […]

Catch Sam on the 80’s Rewind every Saturday, 7pm – 9pm, playing the biggest and best hits from the 80’s! Sam is the resident musician of YO1 Radio and loves nothing more than sharing his passion for music on air.   Sam Johnson’s Quick Questions  Any hobbies?  Finding new tv and film, videography, piano playing […]

Join Shaun every Saturday from 4pm – 7pm, getting you through your afternoon ready for Saturday night! Playing top hits, with news and chat from York.  Shaun Harrington’s Quick Questions!  Any hobbies?  Keeping fit at gym, or trying to..  What were you like at school?  “If Shaun put as much effort into his school work […]

Hear Daryl every Saturday and Sunday 10am – 1pm, playing the biggest hits from the 80’s to now. Let Daryl brighten up your weekend with all the latest news and info from across York.  Daryl Denham’s Quick Questions!  Any hobbies?  Predictably, they all revolve around music – listening to it, writing it, going to live […]

Join Tim every Saturday and Sunday on the Big Breakfast at the Weekend, from 7am – 10am.   Tim West’s Quick Questions  Any hobbies?  Running VERY early in the morning.   Watching my beloved Man City (don’t start!)  Currently learning Japanese with my daughter.   You’re stranded on a desert island – what three things can’t you do […]

Join Deon for Rock & Horror every Wednesday night, 9pm – 11pm on YO1 Xtra (DAB only). Let YO1’s resident rock expert take you through the best rock tracks of all time.   Deon’s Quick Questions  Any hobbies?    Building models when I have the time, attending festivals, going to gigs and organising live music events in […]

Join Jayne for Country Nights every Tuesday, 9pm – 11pm on YO1 Xtra (DAB only).  Jayne Knowles’s Quick Questions!   Any hobbies?   Theatre, Music gigs, cinema… GIN!  You’re stranded on a desert island – what three things can’t you do without?  My hubby, my cats and music  What inspires you?   Making things better!  You win a […]

Hear Keith every Monday, 9pm – 11pm, with Soul Sensation on YO1 Xtra (DAB Only).   Keith Fletcher’s Quick Questions!  Any hobbies?    Enjoy Gardening, Travel and listening to all types of music    You’re stranded on a desert island – what three things can’t you do without?    My record deck, my music collection and a source of […]

Wind down with Wayne every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening on The Quiet Storm, 10pm – 12am. You can also catch him on Saturdays, 1pm – 4pm with the biggest hits from the 80s to now.   Wayne Chadwick’s Quick Questions!   Any hobbies?    Walking, swimming and occasional cooking     What were you like at school?    Always up […]

Jonathan Darwin’s Quick Questions  Any hobbies?    Real Ale and Heritage Railways  You’re stranded on a desert island – what three things can’t you do without?  Cold beer, good book and custard creams   What inspires you?   My daughter, seeing her grow up thanks to what I teach her. Priceless.  If you could have one superpower, what […]

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