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About Brett Butler

Join Brett every Saturday for Dance Floor Fillers, 9pm – 12am. Brett shares his passion for music, taking you through the biggest party hits of the past decades. Your Saturday night just got better! 

Brett Butler’s Quick Questions 

Any hobbies?  

My daughter Harper tends to keep me fairly busy and therefore don’t’ have time for many hobbies. However, I do brew my own beer when I get chance and have a decent bit of kit. I love hazy and hoppy beers like NEIPA’s and of course the best bit is getting to drink them when they’ve conditioned…yum! 

You’re stranded on a desert island – what three things can’t you do without?  

Music (it’s my life and my comfort), I really should say my wife and daughter, but beer and food are a bit more appealing in this instance ha! Should I have been sensible and said matches, a phone and a boat?  

What inspires you?  

People who work hard. My very close friends… music and water! 

You win a million pounds on the lottery, what do you do?  

Book a round-the-world cruise (after checking cash is in the bank) and have a further think about what do with it while I’m on the ship eating and drinking (also hoping I haven’t already spent up by the time I’ve got back). Either that or one huge party – you’re invited by the way. 

What is your favourite word and why?  

Fruitloopery which reminds me of brightly coloured cereals but also apparently refers to the use of scientific language inappropriately and without comprehension in order to increase believability of a concept. You’ve learnt something today, eh? 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  

Teleportation as I love travelling and being able to just go somewhere on the flick of a switch… that would be awesome! 

What would the name of your debut album be?  

I can’t believe it’s not Butler (mainly as I’d have to get someone else to sing on the album, you don’t want to hear my voice, trust me). 

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play the lead role as you? 

Probably someone like Zach Galifinakis (The Hangover, Alan) as he is literally me… but personally I would have loved Robin Williams to take the role R.I.P funny man. 

The quirkiest job you’ve ever had.  

I was Toby Tyke (and had a brief spell as Tina Tyke) at Barnsley FC during home games. It was great fun being able to do anything you wanted (within reason) and no one knew it was me! 

Any middle name(s) you’d rather we didn’t know about? 

Not that I’m bothered about…it’s Bernard or some people call me Bernie. It can get confusing though as my mum is called Bernadette and she gets called Bernie too! I’m named after my Grandad… 

Tell us THREE facts about yourself that others might not know: 

I play the guitar and have done since I was 9 years old. I have been on Eggheads and reached the final… then lost! I’ve ridden motorcycles since I was 16 but got rid of my latest pride and joy after having my daughter as I don’t trust other road users and wish to see my girl grow up. 

Your Favourite THREE films?  

Top Gun / Breakfast Club / BIG (generally any great cult 80’s film). 

Your Favourite THREE songs?  

Wow – how can you even ask this to a Radio Presenter. For what they mean it would have to be the following: 

Music – John Miles 

DJ Flavours – Your Caress 

DJ Sammy – Heaven

Your Favourite place in YORK and the surrounding area?  

I’m a huge fan of the city in general – it has so much history and we don’t really know what is under our noses sometimes. I love walking the walls and finding new places I’ve not visited before. I love sitting by the river and just watching the world go by…it’s so relaxing.

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